Wednesday 22nd May 2019

6:30pm TO 8:30 pm


We welcome you to our first ART AUCTION, artworks you can bid for in the privacy of your own home and in your own time from 6:30pm Wednesday 22 May 2019, closing date to be announced shortly. Please come and join us at our drinks reception launch party, which will take place in the Virgin Money Lounge at Eagle Place, St James’s London, where you can view the actual artworks on display. Please pick up an information pack that will detail each artwork and artist with the price guideline. We have an impressive line-up of artists from across the globe who have donated their work. Anyone interested in investing or if you are looking for a beautiful artwork and have space on a wall somewhere that could do with an uplift and transformation, do come along. We, in turn, will donate a large portion of the proceeds of all sales to support our programme for young artists from disadvantaged backgrounds.



Title Sinosaurusopteryx Prima (2013)

Materials Bronze 1st in a limited edition of 25

Dimensions 31 cm h x 19 cm w 1.5 cm d

Value £1,275.00


Dmitry Dobrovolsky

Title Café in Tallinn (2016)

Materials Oil on canvas

Dimensions 60 cm h x 50 cm w

Value £1,050.00

Bertolutti Dora Howard

Title Venice Carnival

Materials Photographic print, unframed/framed

Dimensions 37 cm h x 26.5 cm w

framed 54 cm h x 43 cm w

Value £450.00

Ken Howard OBE RA

Title Bitta’s Silver

Materials Oil on Board, unframed/framed

Dimensions 10 in h x 8 in w

Value £5,000.00

Archan Nair

Title Continuum

Materials Printed on high gloss acrylic glass , edition 1 of 1

Dimensions 80 cm h x 80 cm w

Value £1,000.00

Diane Ponder

Title Sunlight Passage

Materials Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 92 cm h x 62 cm w

Value £2,500.00

Chris Riggs

Title Peace & Love

Materials Mixed media on canvas

Dimensions 36 inch h x 38 inch w

Value £ 2,988.00

Metin Salih

Title Marylin Monroe

Materials Giglee print created with diamond dust

Dimensions 100 cm h x 70 cm w

Value £ 450.00

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