What we do

The ethos behind Gabriel Enterprise is to promote equality and cultural diversity in the arts to children and young adults that may have disabilities, and/or come from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Young adults who struggle to get their voice heard, can’t afford to pay for further education and may come from families who have no knowledge or insight of the industry and how they can help their children.

This is where Gabriel Enterprise comes in. Through advertising and targeting local communities in libraries, hostels and schools, our aim is to offer a multi-disciplinary programme of art which includes:

The broad practice of Fine Art

Media and Communication Studies




Music, Performance and Drama

In the coming months, we are planning further workshops, classes and talks which will be provided by qualified teachers and industry professionals. Our aim is to offer this rich programme of events, classes, mentoring and support – completely free.

We are currently in the process of devising an annual prize-winning competition, with the opportunity for prize winners work to go into a gallery show. The process of building portfolios of work for entry into competitions, with subsequent gallery shows helps the applicants understand the steps needed to take to succeed in their desired careers.

Artists are asked to share their portfolio, describe their detailed experience and creative process and outline how they want to approach their proposal. All artists are being judged by: the quality of their portfolio, qualifications and achievements, and/or quality of their proposal.

Our programme is designed to encourage creativity in children and young people despite their backgrounds, race or religious beliefs. The careful selection process involves sharing our experiences and insights at regular meetings and by seeking consultations from relevant sources and professional bodies such as the Arts Council, the Royal Academy, UKA Dance and the Royal Court Theatre.

There is no single selection process; however, selection is restricted to young artists starting out in life and artists who are demonstrably poor. Our organization provides them with equal access to education and the geographic area is restricted to the United Kingdom.

Gabriel Enterprise restricts assistance to artists who meet the criteria of charitable need, such as young artists starting out in life and to (disadvantaged) artists whose family, social, or financial circumstances have impaired their ability to access education.